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1 Brigitte Heinsohn (de) [Edit]GermanyCeramicsCeramic wells and watches
Source Brigitte Heinsohn City: Neunkirchen Seelscheid Address: Vossbitze3, 53819 Neunkirchen Seelscheid Phone: 49 2247 971923

"The site gives a general idea of my work. It informs also over the dates of the exhibitions in the next future. There are also direct links - by mouseklick - to the subpages of specialities as sculptures, relief, ceramic wells and watches."

2 Chris Ceramic Art & Design (de) [Edit]GermanyCeramicsCeramic statues
Source Chris Ceramics"The site is an On-Line exhibition in a virtual gallery"
3 Marin Schlotz (de) [Edit]GermanyCeramicsStoneware with craquelé-glazes, coloured and raw
Source Marin Scholtz City: Laudert Address: Mittelstrasse 3, D-56291 Laudert

"Ceramic vessels, unique pieces."

4 Töpferei Karin Reiß (de) [Edit]GermanyCeramicsPottery, ceramic sculptures for indoor and outdoor
Source Karin Reiß City: Bad Kissingen Address: Erlenweg 1 97688 Bad Kissingen Phone: 0971 - 61960

"We produce high quality, handmade tableware, unica, decorative, sculptures, and waterpipes.We makes stoneware fired at 1220° C. All of our handmade ceramic products are highly durable and microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. We also use only lead free glazes on all of our pottery."

5 Uwe Löllmann (de) [Edit]GermanyTeacaddies, very strong fired pots
Source Uwe Löllmann City: Hilzingen Address: Kapellenhof 1 78247 Hilzingen

"Loellmann is firing his anagama kiln for 8 days and nights. He is living in the south of Germany."

6 Willi Schnekenburger Keramik (de) [Edit]GermanyCeramicsFormation of the surface
Source Willi Schnekenburger City: Donaueschingen Address: Villinger Str. 14 78166 Donaueschingen Phone: 0771 15741

"Boxes and sculptural vessels are the central subject in the work of Willi Schnekenburger ."

NameCountryEmail addressTypeSpeciality